“Entangled in Web” is my dwelling on the internet (a.k.a. my personal website). It essentially acts as an aggregator of the little things I do on the web. My thoughts, my opinions, the things that interest me and the things that happen in my life - in short, anything I can digitise and make public, goes in here.
about me
as on: 25th March 2011

I am Souvik Das Gupta. I started writing code while at school (high school, in-case you’re from the US) and since then I have grown a love for it. My last job at a global leader in the "next generation" of IT and consulting made unintentional attempts at killing my zeal for coding. Thankfully, I quit before things became irrevocable and started a web design studio.

Additionally, I am a music buff with a diverse listening habit. U2, Indian Ocean and Coldplay are currently on the top my long list of favourite bands/musicians. Travelling and photography has always attracted me. For the present I have discontinued using my father’s (pretty-old) film SLR in order to cut down the perpetual cost of films/development and print/negative storage hassles. Instead, I go around carrying my digital point-and-shoot and try my best at busting the myth that one needs a DSLR to click good photos. And I'll continue to do so until I save up enough to get myself a good DSLR (yes, there are genuine reasons to get one).

Food is my greatest weakness. It’s filling. It’s satisfying. It’s a recreation. It’s the path to nirvana. And, as you may have guessed, the popular saying “I am in shape. Round, is a shape.” perfectly applies to me.

In a nutshell: A programmer at heart, a web designer by vocation, a novice photographer, a music buff and a foodie who loves playing pool and prefers coffee over any other beverage.

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Alternately, you can also catch me off the internet if you happen to be nearby New Delhi. I am always ready for chat over a cup of coffee. :)