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June 2012

My centre-of-gravity is a little ahead of me.

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@Zomato Oh, that tiny link doesn’t make it any less annoying. At the very least it should’ve read “Never bug me again.”

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RT @bellycentric: Demolish “The Conqueror” — burger challenge at Roadhouse Bar and Grill on 4th July. #foodiealert

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So @Zomato, does “going social” mean hiding menus behind annoying sign up walls?

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Must thank the @tiffinboxers for causing that latest outing.

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The mad dash just got over. Perhaps the most unplanned trip I’ve ever undertaken.

Amazing it was, but right now I am stinking like a pig.

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RT @rungta: Who’s up for a mad-dash escape to Binsar (in the Kumaon range) this weekend? We leave Friday night, return Monday morning. # …

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JSProfessor Win at performance metrics by re-calibrating time: Date.prototype.valueOf = function() {return this.getTime() * 0.9};

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Khaane jaa rahe hai to kya hua, ghar se khaali pet thode hi niklenge.

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jasonfried Being proud of your work is a feature.

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Amazing luck with the (nearly) last metro & bus back home. Metro driver reopened the door and driver spotted me just as he was leaving.

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aakashd Core principle of estimation in XP - you’ll get as much done today as you got done yesterday -

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@GnrlMxms @ap00rv @rungta @xabhishek So what’s the plan guys?

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@rohananeja Sahi soch Rohan. Don’t skydive. We can’t really be sure where you’ll fly off tiy@satinderranaerrana

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@rohananeja Next time. Aaj bohut hi brief time ke liye mila tha.

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@AroraDush Salim Kabab has opened a new outlet near Khan Market. Go have their Kakori.

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Today’s heatwave reminds me of the (few) days I worked at the smithy workshop in college.

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@MaAlterEgo WTF bc! Batana nahi hota! Aaja sheher!

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@MaAlterEgo Dude, the fascination of birthdays has worn off. Lazy day + some good food is all that makes it a good day. It was a good day.

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@ivabz Fetching the data off Flickr periodically and caching it. Using

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@satinderrana Ye @rohananeja pata nahi kya samajhta hai Chd ko. Faltoo ka ghamand.

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@ap00rv It has been selling home appliances for a long time now.

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@xAbhishek Disclaimer: @rashmiswamy didn’t quote me! However I do share the same feelings on my birthday.

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@VarunSPuri Chal be, I bet you didn’t read this:

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@rohananeja Closest Metro station to IHC is JLN Stadium. Get out from the Lodi Road exit, from there 10 mins walk.

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@rohananeja Tomorrow ghar pe full time. Can catch up on Sun or today — there is a free Swarathma + Indian Ocean gig at IHC, 7pm.

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fifthel We need more talks and proposals from and on big data infrastructure and cross-industry applications. Come on folks! @hasgeek

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