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April 2016

RT @NeilSanghavi: This is a heartbreaking image I came across! #India #drought 🙁

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@gonsalves_r A friend does. Doesn’t recommend it. The keyboard feels yuk.

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@ap00rv Surprisingly not. I think car owners have not switched to buses. Some friends have started going to office before 8am.

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I want and don’t want emails fro@PMOIndiaia at the same time. What a dilemma!

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@abhijeetmk No brand can take a chance against your brutal twitter account.

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vijay_nair It’s high time every government got themselves a Head of Design, Data and Technology. Savings using data itself would be worth it.

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.@PinguicVerse Lawyers demanding exemption is a pure joke. Cause, let’s be honest, which self-respecting lawyer has ever paid traffic fine?

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@Tejas_Bhatt But it does ease traffic a bit, which is great. More importantly if this continues for long it will change people’s attitude.

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@Tejas_Bhatt There will be some impact, but not sure if it is significant. It is hard to gauge with naked eye in the summer months.

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While the odd even scheme hasn’t been too bad, what is unknown is the progress oTC fleet expansion. I don’t see the 5000 new buses.

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MPs expressing their sense of entitlement and seeking exception from odd even rule makes me feel proud of the scheme and Delhi Government.

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The live broadcast of @bostonmarathon is giving me goosebumps. So far. So so far.

/ht: @nigelbabu

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Miz_Mental_Case People who type k instead of ok, how do you handle all that free time?

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@keeperofthekeys Nope. Considered it in my dreams, and that’s where it stays for now.

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KolhapuriChapal Do we know anyone that’s fighting for equal religious rights for women? Urgently need to speak to them for research. Please, please RT.

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RT @turmericdesign: Why Generation Y is unhappy.
(This makes so much sense)

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@keeperofthekeys Jantar Mantar or Ram Lila Maidaan. I’d suggest taking Delhi Police permission first@LBBDelhihi

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