Souvik Das Gupta (@souvikdg)

New Delhi, India

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September 15th, 2012

@MaAlterEgo Nahi yaar, trying to resurrect my old headphone.

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@MaAlterEgo It’s for ESD protection. I don’t know what exactly that means though.

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@MaAlterEgo   जलन = jealousy

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This is how you enter Bose service center in Delhi. The Bangalore one (before Carlton Tower fire) didn’t impose

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@MaAlterEgo Not that way. Paisa wasooli is when “Meri iPhone, teri jalanYuss

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@MaAlterEgo People not just make fun of engineers. They also make fun of engineer + MBA.

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@MaAlterEgo This is a part of paise wasooli.

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madversity Delhi’s cultural scene is so hot, that it seems a torture to have long-hours job…music, theatre, movies. Suddenly NCR has arrived

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