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October 2012

sevenaces Looking for wedding photographers in Delhi and around. Any leads?

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@_karan Well well, why should the bongs feel left out — Dal Puri Aloo Dum FTW!@bhavyakhannaa@nisheethh@rungtaa

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@keeperofthekeys Chicken? You ain’t carnivore enough unless you’re looking beyond chicken!

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@rasagy You didn’t have to get off. If conductor (really) can’t tender change you can collect from depot by showing ticket. Painful though.

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@lokallobaat Ain’t Bombay the place that boasts of “night life” and plenty of late night food options?!

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lokallobaat Bombay peeps, a little help here please. Any place to eat that’d be open at this hour? I’m close to CCI. Even a roadside vendor will do.

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“Office nahi gaya?”
“(Durga) Puja ka time hai”
“Good, bhagwan ki seva karni chahiye”
“Seva to nahi, magar pet puja karta hoon”

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A dad asking his son in front of chinese food stall in a Durga Puja pandal.
“Kaun se momos chahiye, chicken ya plain?”

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bpbdelhi First tweet of the day: we’re giving away 5 dinner vouchers worth Rs 2000 each from @Smoke_House_BBQ. RT & follow us to win!

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Checked out train status on before leaving home to receive relatives at the station. Fun, but slow.

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rashmiswamy Anyone been to Munnar/ Thekkady? Any experiences, recommendations or to-do’s?

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@RunDelhiRun Focus on better. Not bigger. For starters, no visible volunteers or signage and the water stations marked on map weren’t there.

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Found a 2mbps unsecured wifi connection while sitting at a cafe. Someone’s gonna hit his FUP limit pretty quick! :p

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The lights projected on Sher Mandal in the backdrop was a pleasure to watch as Anoushka played her soothing compositions. Also, the weather!

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Rarely does a day dominated by Murphy’s Law end on a good note. So glad that I made it just in time for the performance by Anoushka Shankar.

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The complaint description being too long is perhaps the last complaint you’d expect from an online complaint form. What the heck MCA portal!

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Hey Govt! Kudos for working with tons of creative IT security advisors. A different password rule in every website is such a special touch.

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@ap00rv In brief, the orange ones are cluster buses operated by private companies. Green and Red ones are operated by .

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Pissed at how much conductors in Delhi Transit orange buses harass passengers. Pocketing money & not issuing ticket, not turning change etc.

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Full body ache. 7 mile @RunDelhiRun followed by @NH7 weekender + driving to BIC was pretty tiring. The music made it all worth it though.

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@lokallobaat See, now that’s another thing @vrinda_m outdoes you at.

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@bhavyakhanna @vrinda_m @rungta @rashmiswamy @shalynee Any of you agrees? “@lokallobaat: Also, who the fuck remembers their car reg no?!”

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.@lokallobaat Perhaps not. But almost certainly the only one who would further forget the reg no., model and colour of the car he drove in.

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The very awesome MTNL has cut me from most of the IPs in this world!

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@ashwan Oh! Have had their’s — pretty good. On a lookout for more options though.@geohackerr

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@kyazoonga Now CCAvenue tells me that it has passed on the money to you (and not reversed to my bank). Could you now refund it? @RunDelhiRun

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At a bean bag store.
“Bade wale kum bikte hain.”
“Logon ke paas rehne ke liye jagah nahi hoti, iske liye…?ran

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@rashmiswamy Hope someone starts a project that would summarise the laws of the country like that. @rungta found that, btw.

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Last night was one of the many nights I’ve spent looking up acts & laws. I think all laws should be explained this way:

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@NH7 What are the timings for Weekender Delhi?

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@kyazoonga Bank says it will automatically be either reversed or credited to u in 3-4 days. Meanwhile have registered 2nd time. @RunDelhiRun

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@kyazoonga Would it help if I share the transaction reference number mentioned on my stmt. The money is surely with CCAvenue. @RunDelhiRun

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@RunDelhiRun Payment gateway redirect back to @kyazoonga failed while registering. Money deducted but no confirmation generated. What to do?

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